Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vivek Wallace on a potential Williams/Forrest Matchup

Vivek Wallace - EastSideBoxing.com

Cedrick Watson (Miami Gardens, FL):
How would you see a Paul Williams/Vernon Forrest showdown at 154lbs?

Vivek W. (ESB): I respect the talents of both men strongly. With Williams, you’re getting a full fight; 3 minutes of every round for 12 rounds. With Forrest, you’re getting a guy that has more left in the tank than most give him credit for, as witnessed in his last bout. Forrest would probably be the most powerful fighter that Williams has ever faced. He doesn’t have Margarito’s work rate, but he has more power. The flipside to that argument is the fact that Williams would be the most ‘live’ opponent that Forrest has ever faced. All things remaining equal, Williams’ work rate and Forrests’ age could be the two major points of contention in a fight like this. Williams is in his prime, and will undoubtedly work hard through the whole fight. If Forrest takes his foot off the gas for a moment to catch his breath, that rest period could landslide to an avalanche points victory for Williams. Both men would have a shot, but I think youth probably prevails that night. At any rate, Williams’ mind had better be on ‘Winky’ Wright, because I’ll tell you what, that guy - inactive or not - comes to play, he’s hard to hit, and has a jab as precise as the Stealth Bomber. As a fantasy question, I guess it’s ok for us to ponder a Williams/Forrest showdown, but for his own sake, Williams’ mind had better be on the task at hand!

Williams/Pavlik in the Cards?

Unlikely according to BoxingRepublic.com who took a look at Pavlik's potential next opponents:

Winky Wright may also be considered if he gets by Paul Williams in April. If Williams beats Wright it is doubtful that Paul will get a crack at Kelly. There is some bad blood between promoter Bob Arum and the people behind Williams. Still stranger things have happened in the world of boxing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Paul Williams Roundtable Interview

Press Conference Quotes - BoxingScene.com

Quotes from today's press conference to announce Winky Wright vs. Paul Williams on April 11 in Las Vegas.

Winky Wright, Former Undisputed Junior Middleweight World Champion:

"I get a lot of people asking me why I'm not fighting. I tell them it has nothing to do with negotiations, it's because no one wants to fight me. No one wants to fight Winky Wright. They say it's about the money, but it isn't that. I wanted to fight Pavlik and Calzaghe, I'd go to England to fight him if he wanted, but the fact of the matter is, no one wants to fight Winky."

"I'm looking forward to the challenge, I want to show I'm more than a defensive fighter. Yeah I'm a defensive fighter, but I've never seen a boxer win a match without throwing punches. I'm definitely gonna need my defense against Paul, because he throws a lot of punches. I don't go for the knockout, boxing is a sport and it takes more than that."

"I've never been known to quit and Paul's never been known to quit, but someone's gonna have to and it's not gonna be me."

Paul Williams, Two Division World Champion:

"I'm blessed to be here, and I'm ready to fight Winky."

"He's a big name in boxing and I'm gonna try my best like in my past fights."

"I don't do a lot of talking, I do my talking in the Ring. I just want to work hard and have a good time."

Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions:

"There is no question that these two are the most avoided and feared fighters in the sport today."

"There are reports out about Winky Wright not being able to negotiate, being stubborn and hard to work with, but this is simply not true. Winky was willing to fight anyone, anywhere. He was willing to fight Felix Strum, anywhere, he was also willing to fight Abraham anywhere and these were all reasonable deals. It was about these guys being scared and I am putting my full credibility behind these claims."

"This is a fight boxing needs. It's the first big fight of 2009 in Las Vegas and we're glad to be back at the Mandalay Bay."

"Like I said after Bernard and Shane won their matches earlier on, this is the year of the legends. Winky is one of the true legends of the sport. He's on a mission, just like Shane was on a mission, and just like Bernard was on a mission. I like that he's the underdog."

Dan Goossen, President of Goossen Tutor Promotions:

"I know that there hasn't been a challenge that Winky has turned down. The proof is in the pudding; look at what he's done and who he's done it too."

"Winky is the most avoided man of the past decade because of what he's done in the ring. Paul is not avoided, but definitely feared and it's a big reason why we've moved across several weight divisions."

"This is a big fight and we are really concentrated on showing just how great Paul Williams is. The challenges he puts himself through are unparalleled."

"We feel Paul Williams will do what he does. He will be all offense and some great defense. The proof will be in the pudding on April 11th."

"This is the fight Paul wanted. What Winky's done in the last 10 years is remarkable. It's the big name that Paul has been looking for."

Chris Lighty, CEO of Winky Promotions:

"We have a great fight happening. Paul has come up through the ranks, grinding, just like Winky did when he was coming up."

"We will entertain, we have had some great fights in the past and we will continue to bring that to you. "

"Winky's had some great fights in the past 5 or 6 years, and although we didn't agree with the results, they were still great fights."

George Peterson, William's Trainer:

"One fighter is an offensive fighter, while the other is a defensive fighter. Statistically these are great fighters, so it will be exciting to see what will go on in the ring."

Tony Walker, Director of Affiliate Relations, HBO Sports:

"HBO's World Championship Boxing is very proud to present this fight on April 11th."

"These guys always take the risky fights and they always come prepared."

"Boxing has some great momentum at the moment,and on April 11th, Winky and Paul will definitely continue that push."

Bob Halloran, Director of Sports, MGM Mirage:

"These champs have fought the best."

"This is going to be Winky's 6th fight at the Mandalay Bay; he's had some great battles here. I know Paul was featured on the undercard of a Mayweather fight, so this is going to be his second fight with us. "

"Tickets for the show are affordable; you can get a great room and check out a great fight."

"I just recently checked the lines on the fight and Paul is the early favorite and I don't remember the last time I saw Winky as the underdog but it should make for a great fight."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Williams/Wright Press Conference Set






WHO: WINKY WRIGHT, Former Three-Time World Champion (51-4-1, 25 KOs)

PAUL WILLIAMS, Two-Division World Champion (36-1, 27 KOs)

JIM WILKES, Wright’s Attorney

GEORGE PETERSON, Williams’ Trainer

RICHARD SCHAEFER, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions

DAN GOOSSEN, President of Goossen Tutor Promotions

WHAT: Former Three-Time World Champion Winky Wright and Two-Division World Champion Paul Williams will address the Los Angeles media to officially announce and discuss their upcoming bout on April 11th at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nev. Event details for Wright vs. Williams will be announced at the press conference.


11:00 am – Lunch/Media Arrival

11:30 am – Press Conference

WHERE: ESPN ZONE @ L.A. LIVE – VIP Championship Lounge
1011 S. Figueroa St. Suite B 101
Los Angeles, CA 90015

PARKING: General Media & Satellite Truck Parking will be at Olympic West Parking Garage/LOT W located off of Chick Hearn Court/11th Street (same street), between Georgia Street and Cherry Street.

FACTS: Wright vs. Williams, a 12 round middleweight bout which is presented by Golden Boy Promotions, Goossen Tutor Promotions and Winky Promotions will air live on HBO World Championship Boxing beginning at 10:00pm ET / 7:00pm PT.

CONTACTS: Ramiro Gonzalez/Monica Sears, Golden Boy Promotions: (213) 489-5631

Marylyn Aceves, Goossen Tutor Promotions: (818) 817-8001

Stephanie Heller, MGM MIRAGE: (702) 650-7510

Kevin Flaherty, HBO: (212) 512-5052