Sunday, October 26, 2008

Press Conference Quotes

Notable quotes from the Ontario Press Conference:

“The available world contenders that said ‘No’ to fighting Williams joined the not-so-exclusive Antonio Margarito Club by turning down money, opportunity, fame and bragging rights to be the best. So the one fighter at the championship level that was willing to challenge Paul was Phillips, but at his natural 154-pound weight class. Although we all wanted Paul to defend his 147-pound championship, this fight fits in to what Paul has been saying for some time now: that Paul will take on all challengers between 147 and 168 pounds. Having someone like Paul willing to do what really no man has done before him -- fight in different weight classes simultaneously -- is great for our sport and especially the fans.” - Dan Goosen

“you can’t make these fighters have courage. I’m just happy Verno was willing to step up, but I’ve got to go out there and punish him for doing it. I wanted to defend my title, but getting another one will also be nice and I just got to go out there and continue my road to fighting anyone at any weight.” - Paul Williams

“I fear no man and my track record shows that. I’m at my best when people overlook me and I’ve proven it by being a 3-time World Champion,” -Verno Phillips

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