Saturday, November 29, 2008

Williams Pounds Phillips For 8 Rounds, Into Submission

Mark Vester from

"At the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California - Paul Williams (36-1, 27 KOs) stopped veteran Verno Phillips (42-11-1, 21 KOs) after eight rounds to capture the WBO interim-junior middleweight title.

The first round was slow, with both feeling each other out. There was a clash of heads that opened up a cut above the right eye of Williams. Phillips had a good second round, countering Williams often with an overhand right. They would trade punches at the end as Williams pressed forward. Williams came out strong in the third, punishing Phillips to the body and following up with punches to the head.

Williams went after the body in the fourth, making Phillips pay when backed into the ropes. The fifth was more of Phillips being banged to his body by Williams. Williams dished out a beating to Phillips' body in the sixth. Phillips tried to open up in the final minute of the seventh, but was countered and then beaten up some more by Williams, who continued to go after the body.

During the eight, Williams continued to put the hurt on Phillips and had his way for the entire three minutes. At the end of the eight, the ringside doctor stopped the fight after checking on Phillips in the corner and making a determination that Phillips had taken enough damage. It was the first time Phillips was stopped since 1988"

-PW looked really good tonight. He dominated the fight from the opening bell and even when a large gash opened up above his eye, he didn't let it effect him, he got down to business. The body shots he was putting on Phillips were devastating. I could almost feel them. He threw good combinations and definitely had more power on his punches than when he's at 147. The only thing I was a little worried about was the amount of flush shots Verno got in. While Paul has an underrated chin, Phillips is not a power puncher. All in all, Williams was very impressive in my eyes.

Fight Night!

Fight night is here, finally. With Paul Williams' last two fights ending in brutal one round knockouts, it seems like we never get to see PW fight. Tonight's fight should make it through round 1, but then again, crazier things have happened. For the record, I'm predicting Williams by late stoppage.

"As Williams stepped to the scales, I couldn’t help but notice how skinny his legs were, then I noticed how wide his shoulders were and I remembered just how special of an athlete he is. Williams stands 6’1,” and is definitely at top-heavy fighter, which gives him the unique ability to move from welterweight to super middleweight with relative ease.

His opponent, Verno Phillips, looked trim. Phillips is a veteran fighter who is no slouch by any stretch of the imagination, and it was clear that he is coming to fight, although nobody is giving him a chance. One spectator who was standing next to me as I was taking pictures remarked to his friend: “Phillips looks good, too bad he is going to get killed.” As the spectator said that, Phillips jokingly stood up on his toes during the face off so that he could see Williams in his face. The size differential was obvious from the start."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Paul Williams Interview From

Big props to for this excellent interview.

Paul Williams Interview - 11/25/08 - courtesy of

QUESTION: What do you believe makes a fighter like 3-time World Champion Verno Phillips accept a challenge from you, but others avoiding the clash such as Shane Mosely, Antonio Margarito and Kelly Pavlik?
ANSWER: Verno Phillips has no choice. His mortality table has come to an end. He's not in the situation where he can pick and choose.
QUESTION: It's known that you are an extremely large fighter for being a natural 147-pound with an 82" reach and your physical size is comparable to heavyweight fighters such as the Klitschko brothers, Wladimir and Vitali, who have a reach of 81" and 80" respectively. Do you believe that this is the main reason your counterparts avoid you even when millions of dollars have been offered to them to fight you?
ANSWER: It's not so much my reach. It is more about the fighter that I am. Verno has fought larger fighters and won. This is about individual ability. If Verno thought that he couldn't win, he wouldn't have taken the fight. He must feel that with his skill level he will be able to win.
QUESTION: Phillips stated that he has the advantage in the weight department as well as being able to take your punch. Would you agree with either of his points?
ANSWER: I wouldn't say that. I go back to Roy Jones when he fought John Ruiz. John Ruiz was a natural 230-pounder and he didn't hurt Roy.
QUESTION: You've had two consecutive devastating knockouts against fighters that don't get knocked out so easily. It took Cotto five rounds against Quintana when the referee stopped their bout. Phillips was only stopped once and that was in 1988. How do you envision this fight going, and do you believe you can knock him out?
ANSWER: This fight is not predicated on knocking him out. It is about winning the fight. It's about concentrating on coming out victorious.
QUESTION: This will be your 11th fight in California, and the 4th one in your last five bouts. Your fight against Margarito last year was a sell-out at the Home Depot Center, which was the first time it had ever gotten close to selling out. Do you believe the fans embraced you as one of their own, as they may with a new Los Angeles Dodger player?
ANSWER: Most definitely. I always receive a warm reception. I feel as if they recognize me as one of their own. When I was at the Shane Mosley fight they overwhelmed me with attention and autographs.
QUESTION: Winning at this level is tough to do in every fight. Many athletes and not just fighters, start letting outside distractions take away from their training and focus. What keeps you hungry and able to dedicate and sacrifice while training for a fight?
ANSWER: This is my job and it is based on winning. From day one I train to win, not to lose. Winning is the objective here. I want my name to come up when people are speaking of Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Ray Robinson, Roberto Duran and Tommy Hearns. I want my name mentioned among that group and that keeps me motivated and hungry.
QUESTION: What goes through your mind when you break camp and prepare for the countdown to your fight?
ANSWER: When you've been on the road for 5 months you get excited because you know it's close to going home time. So I just want to do the job that I came to do and get out.
QUESTION: Providing you with your fight on Saturday, give me the top three names your would like to fight next and why?
ANSWER: I'm going to leave that up to my management team. I will fight who ever they put in front of me at 147,154 or 160.
FINAL COMMENT: I'm expecting a great fight. The winner will be the best fighter that night. No predictions.
I'll make a prediction. Williams by KO in the 9th.

Monday, November 24, 2008

5 days......and then what?

There's just over 5 days before we get to witness "The Punisher's" next conquest. This time, at 154, where he looks for another title in another division. I think the biggest question that most people are wondering is that if he beats Phillips, where to next? The biggest fights to be made are currently at 147 or 160 so Paul has a couple directions he could go. He could go back to 147 or move up to 160 for a mega fight, or he could stay at 154 and try and collect titles. All three options have their pros and cons.

Staying at 154 - If PW decides to stay at 154 he has a chance to do something really special by unifying belts by fighting the current champs (Sergeii Dzinziruk, Vernon Forrest or Daniel Santos). While none of the other title holders at 154 are capable of bringing in big money, the true boxing fans in the world would recognize these fights as top notch and if PW can unify a belt or two, he'd definitely be setting himself up for super stardom.

Moving down to 147 - Welterweight is where the money is at. It's as simple as that. A fight between PW and Margarito, Cotto, Clottey or any of the top Welters would be a must see and would bring in career high paydays without question. While these fights would no doubt be very lucrative, is it worth the time and effort to try and get those guys in the ring? It may be time for PW to leave the division where everyone refuses to fight him.

Moving up to 160 - High risk, high reward. PW's best attributes in my opinion is the fact that at the lower weights (147-154) he's physical attributes are freaky and impossible to deal with. When you start moving up to the heavier divisions, 6'2 just isn't as tall as it used to be and the amount of punishment each punch delivers is elevated as well. While the middleweight division isn't as deep as Welter, there are also huge paydays to be had against guys like Kelly Pavlik and Arthur Abraham.

While PW's future weight class is up in the air, one thing is definitely certain, the future looks bright.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Verno Phillips Interview Highlights


Verno Phillips Interview
QUESTION: How can you prepare for a fighter as tall and long as Paul Williams?
ANSWER: I am going to use the experience from my past fights. I won’t give away my techniques that I am going to use but I can tell you that I’m going to chop him down to my size.

QUESTION: It is seldom that a natural 147-pound fighter such as Williams is bigger than most middleweights. With you being 5-7 and having a 69" reach, how difficult will it be to try to hit Williams on the chin given his height of 6-3 and 82" reach? Now keep in mind, the Klitschko’s, current Heavyweight World Champions, 6-6 Wladimir and the 6-7 Vitali, have a reach of 81" and 80" respectively.
ANSWER: He’s going to get hit. Trust me. I fought Silvio Blanco from Italy. He’s taller than Paul and I had no problem hitting him. I’ll tell you what; Williams chose the wrong date to knock on my door for an opportunity. November 29-fight night is also my birthday and I ain’t coming to California to lay down.

QUESTION: Do you believe the weight factor will be in your favor or his?
ANSWER: Williams is coming from 147 to 154 and I am a natural 154 pounds. I am very comfortable with my weight, so naturally the weight factor is in my favor.

QUESTION: Needing a very honest answer, what has been in your mind since accepting this challenge against Williams knowing the so many different obstacles to overcome such as height, reach, volume punching and the added strength in his punching power?
ANSWER: Since I accepted the challenge against Williams I didn’t pay attention to all those things that you consider obstacles. I know that he can take a punch, but I also know that I have been training hard. He’s no different than any other fighter that I have been in the ring with except that the press is blowing him up like he’s invincible.

FINAL COMMENT: I know that he’s looking past Verno Phillips thinking I ain’t no thing. He needs to know that on November 29, Verno Phillips is going to have something for him. He ain’t gonna lay me out like Quintana.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winky Once Again Mentions Paul Williams

In a Q&A with 411mania Winky recently had this to say about his future plans:

Q: What weight class will you campaign at?
A: 154-160. Catch some of these welterweights moving up to 154, like Paul Williams.

This is not the first time Winky has brought up PW's name in interviews about his potential fighting future. A Paul Williams vs. Winky Wright fight would certainly be a fight I'd be very interested in watching. A win for PW would not only put a HOF fighter on his resume, but almost guarantee Williams that he'd be able to get any future opponent that he chooses.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Father of Shane Mosley says Shane shouldn't fight Paul Williams.

"I heard through the grapevine that they were talkin about my son fight Paul Williams. Now Paul Williams is 6'2 and should be weighing 180-190 pounds and he comes to fight every time out.......Even though Shane is strong, Shane ain't no Superman. They need to have Shane fighting these little guys too.....Don't get me wrong, Shane is not scared of any of these guys but Shane don't need to be fighting Paul Williams. That man is 6'2 and long as hell. he will fight him, but to me, that's not a good fight for Shane to be taking at this stage in his life"

Just more proof that there isn't one contender at 147 who wants to fight PW. When a superstar's father and trainer comes out and openly says that fighting and defeating Paul Williams would need a 'Superman' performance, that means something. They can keep running and hiding, but eventually the top players are going to either have to fight PW or retire. Paul is only 27. He's not going anywhere. So, the beltholders at 147, 154 and 160 should get used to it.

Paul Williams' 1st Round KO of Andy Kolle

With Paul Williams' Nov. 29th fight fast approaching (less than 3 weeks), I thought everyone would enjoy rewatching PW's last fight, a brutal 1st round KO of overmatched Andy Kolle which sent a message the rest of the Middleweight division. Come Nov. 29th, a message will be sent to another weight class. This time the Super Welters at 154. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

WBO Forces Paul Williams To Vacate Belt

WBO Forces Paul Williams To Vacate Title
By Mark Vester -
"Moving up in weight comes with a price when dealing with the WBO. Paul Williams, the current WBO welterweight champion, moves up to 154-pounds to face Verno Phillips on November 29 for the WBO's interim-title at junior middleweight. Francisco "Paco" Valcarcel, president of the WBO, informed Williams' promoter Dan Goossen that his fighter, pursuant to the WBO rules, would not be allowed to hold WBO titles in both weight divisions. "Paul would have liked nothing more than to go to ring as a champion for the fight against Williams on November 29, but Francisco Valcarcel indicated to me that he would not be allowed according to their rules," Goossen told Primera Hora. "Nobody deserves to have the WBO welterweight title without first having to fight Williams."Once Williams officially vacates the title, the WBO will order a fight between their two highest contenders, Miguel Cotto and Michael Jennings of the UK, with the winner becoming the new champion. There is no guarantee that Cotto accepts the fight.Cotto is already in position for a rematch with WBA welterweight champion Antonio Margarito for next June. Given the economy and the decline of pay-per-view purchases by boxing fans, Cotto will probably need a stronger and more well known opponent for his first fight since losing to Margarito. Cotto's promoter, Bob Arum of Top Rank, would like to match him with former champion Kermit Cintron, who returns on November 15 against Lovemore N'dou."

That's just a damn shame. Looks like Cotto will be able to get another title without having to beat the true champion. Remember, he beat Carlos Quintana to win the vacant title at 147.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Williams To Vacate WBO Belt Today?

"WBO welterweight champion Paul Williams is expected to officially give up the WBO 147lb belt today. He will face Verno Phillips for the WBO 154lb interim title on November 29th at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California. The vacant welterweight championship is expected to be filled by the winner of a proposed February clash between #1 rated Miguel Cotto and #2 rated Michael Jennings."

Don't do it Paul! Don't do it!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Paul Williams next opponent for Abraham?

"Though Abraham addressed the adoring masses from the ring after the fight and said he wanted Sturm next, that fight doesn't appear likely any time soon.
It looks like Abraham will make another USA appearance early next year, with possible opponents listed as Winky Wright, Paul Williams, or Vernon Forrest. If all goes well, Abraham is looking for a summer mega-match with Kelly Pavlik after that."

Paul Williams would be Abraham's toughest test to date. While Abraham is very impressive, having great power and good quickness in spurts, he has never fought a talent like PW. Not only would that be a huge matchup for Abraham, a win for Paul Williams put rank him in the top 3 in three weight divisions, 147, 154 and 160. (assuming PW beats Phillips at 154.) Abraham should think twice before fighting PW, the last time Williams was scheduled as a preparation fight for a mega-fight, Williams shocked the world and foiled the champions plans. (Margarito, looking for a mega-clash against Cotto.)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Williams' WBO Title In High Demand

"Michael Jennings is set to fight Miguel Angel Cotto in a WBO welterweight elimination contest in New York next February.
The WBU champion will take on the 28-year-old Puerto Rican on St Valentine’s Day 2009 for the right to fight for the title.
Current WBO champion Paul Williams, who was another prospective opponent, is expected to vacate the title after opting to fight at light middleweight in his next outing against Verno Phillips for the interim WBO title."

On a personal note, I'm really hoping that after PW finishes off Phillips, he'll go back and defend his Welterweight title instead of vacating it. There isn't a fighter out there that should be able to call themselves WBO Welterweight champ without going through Williams first. The problem is, everyone wants that WBO title but nobody wants to fight the current champ for it.