Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Williams-Wright Chatter...

Excerpts from James Slater of
Okay, sometimes a fight going up on BoxRec does not 100-percent mean the bout will actually take place, but the site is usually as reliable as it is excellent. Let's suppose the fight is going to come off next March. Either at 154 or 160-pounds, a Williams-Wright clash is a most intriguing encounter (BoxRec have it at 154, for the interim WBO belt "The Punisher" currently holds). Williams, who gave up searching for big names to fight at welterweight due, he claims, to being shamelessly avoided, will get the marquee name he has been craving ever since his arrival on the world stage with his superb victory over Antonio Margarito. Wright, inactive since July of 2007, and also letting it be known that the top guys have wanted nothing to do with him, will likewise get the big fight he has been searching for.
A chess match is more likely, however, and March's bout is probably going to be one for the purists. Williams can box, and Wright is (or was) one of the slickest, most defensively gifted boxers of his time.
Going out on a limb, this writer picks the fresher, hungrier Williams to earn himself a points victory. I for one just hope this intriguing bout takes place.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Paul Williams vs. Winky Wright is "Close"
Colin Seymour
"Promoter Dan Goossen, who handles Williams, told me “we’re close” to making that fight happen, perhaps March 14 on HBO with Williams’ WBO junior middleweight title at stake."

Previous rumors that I heard said that the fight will be taking place at 160. Winky always comes to fight and has never given an opponent an easy win however I like PW to outpoint a ring rusty Winky for a hard earned UD. If this fight goes down and PW is able to win, it will be by far the biggest step in Williams' young career since he defeated Margarito, maybe even bigger.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

High Praise for PW

High praise from Vivek Wallace of's weekly mailbag. Good stuff.

Erik Martin (Boca Raton, Fl): If you had to choose one fighter in todays crop who represents the sport the way you would want it represented, who would that fighter be?

Vivek W. (ESB): Without a doubt Paul Williams! There are fighters like Margarito who like to be viewed as the "most feared man on the planet" and others like Pavlik who can put a pounding on nearly anyone you place in front of them, but when you view those guys and all like them, they seem to have a ceiling that caps their abilities. Perhaps Williams does as well but his is much higher. The guy will fight ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Literally. I think he represents what the sport is all about. No one can ever accuse him, his camp, or promoters of protecting him and doing anything to subtract from his appeal. What's even more likable about him is the fact that he doesn't have to get ignorant and loud to boast his talents. He keeps his words minimal and his actions optimal. I remember once commenting to a fellow scribe that it was amazing in todays athletic circles with all the huge ego's we have to see a boxer (of all athletes) refer to the people interviewing him by saying "yes sir", "yes mam". I think this dude is a class act who understands how to turn on the "Jekyll" as well as when to lose the "Hyde". Many in the sport should take note, in and out of the ring!

Possibilities for the Punisher


"Welterweight: Joshua Clottey - Clottey is the definition of a tough guy. He has great defense and might be as powerful a puncher as there is in the welterweight division. He is the type of fighter that Floyd Mayweather wouldn’t even consider fighting, much like Williams. Clottey, who put up a sturdy test for Margarito, is eager to prove himself. With Margarito and Cotto destined for a rematch, the winner of a Clottey-Williams fight would put a lot of pressure on the winner of Margarito-Cotto to face them.

Junior Middleweight: Vernon Forrest - With Oscar De La Hoya getting knocked out by a lightweight, Forrest is the unquestioned champion at 154 pounds. Now that Williams has a belt in the same division, this is a fight that should happen. The Viper has always been a great fighter, and still is even at his advanced age. Who wouldn’t want to see this wily veteran take on the young and talented Williams for supremacy in the junior middleweight division?

Middleweight: Felix Sturm - When it was first mentioned that Williams might get a chance to fight Kelly Pavlik, many thought it was a bad idea. Since his one round destruction of Andy Kolle, most people have changed their tune. Since Sturm and Arthur Abraham seem to be at a stalemate in negotiations for a fight, this would be the perfect time for Williams to swoop in. Since Pavlik is tied up with a “comeback fight” against mandatory challenger Marco Antonio Rubio, this would be the best fight for Williams in this division. If he were to win, and look good doing so, a fight with Pavlik would be very do able by the summer of 2009.

Super Middleweight: Sakio Bika - Make no mistake about it, Williams wants to make money while he is on top. Can you blame him? Bika is by far the best fighter to come out of the Contender series. Because of this he brings real name recognition to this bout, television outlets like HBO and Showtime would jump all over a bout like this because of Bika trying to show that he is ready for the big stage, and Williams trying to win a fight in his fourth weight class in four fights. Of all the fights listed, this may be the biggest money fight possible for Williams."

While I definately like all four of these fights, my personal choice would be for PW to fight Forrest. Forrest is a well known fighter who has beaten some fine opponents over his career, his best win (s) coming against Shane Mosley, twice. While Forrest is a slick fighter coming off his best performance in years against Sergio Mora is the rematch, he also represents the top light-middle in boxing, a weight class where PW already owns an interim belt after he beat Verno Phillips.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sergiy Dzinziruk: "Paul, You are Afraid of Me"

Hey Paul, we read here in Europe that you want to squeeze out of a fight against me," said WBO super welterweight champion Sergiy Dzinziruk. "Apparently you're looking for an opponent and planning other fights because you're afraid to go against me. You don't need to look left or right look, the right way to look is the way to the champion – and that is me! There can only be one meaningful fight and that's Sergiy Dzinziruk vs. Paul Williams. I'm the world champion and you're only an interim champ. I'm ready to face you anytime and defend the REAL WBO belt in the ring!"
"Sergiy is one of our best fighters, the world's best boxer at super welterweight and is unbeaten," added Universum promoter Klaus-Peter Kohl. "We want that he can finally show his skills in the United States.""So once more clearly - I am ready," concluded Dzinziruk. "There can be only one WBO world champion at super welterweight and that's me!"

What a joke. PW would easily dismantle a barely tested Sergiy Dzinziruk. Williams has bigger fish to fry (Forrest, Wright, Clottey) but if those fights don't materialize, I'm sure Williams would take pleasure in stripping Sergiy of his titles.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Margarito On Possible Williams Rematch

Margarito was asked about a rematch with Paul Williams, who is now an interim-champion at junior middleweight. The Mexican champion is not thinking about Williams, he only has "Sugar" Shane on his mind. Margarito has no fear of a rematch, he just wants to get Mosley out of the way. Whether or not Margarito beats Mosley, Top Rank has already scheduled him to face Miguel Cotto in a June rematch.
"I'm not thinking about Paul Williams right now. I'm 100% thinking about Shane. I'm not scared [of him], I'm just thinking about my next fight," Margarito said.

Until Margarito actually accepts the rematch that Paul Williams has been asking for, Margarito is all talk.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Paul Williams' Holiday Wishes

Holiday Wishes For Your Favorite Boxers

PAUL WILLIAMS – Santa, can you hear me? All Paul wants for Christmas is Antonio Margarito. Sure, Williams will fight at any weight class. But the best fight for the Aiken, SC native right now is a rematch with Margarito. Having already owned Tony in the first bout, “The Punisher” wouldn’t mind beating the Mexican again and proving that he’s the best 147-pounder on the planet. Margarito looks busy in 2009 (Jan. 24 vs. Shane Mosley and a proposed summer rematch with Miguel Cotto), but Paul is hard to ignore. If the lanky southpaw can’t get Margarito, will Vernon Forrest be interested at 154? How about revisiting a bout with Kelly Pavlik at 160?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Joshua Clottey Interview

J.S: Do you still want to fight Paul Williams? I know you said you wanted to fight him very much, yet he says no-one will fight him.
J.C: I will fight him any day. I told my manager, when I was in Africa, I will fight anybody. But he [Williams] did not approach me for the fight. I mean it when I say I will fight anybody.

J.S: As you know, Williams has moved up to 154. Would you move up to fight him?
J.C: I will go up if he gives me a shot. I'm very good against southpaws. I have never lost to a southpaw.

Winky Wright vs Paul Williams in the works for March - 12/16/08


"Boxingtalk has been informed that Winky Wright will return to the ring and HBO on March 14, 2009in what would be his first fight since a close loss to Bernard Hopkins in July 2007. No opponent has been solidified yet, but Boxingtalkers should not be shocked if Paul Williams, who holds a WBO interim title at 154 pounds, is eventually secured as Wright's opponent. Remember where you heard it first!"

Daniel Santos looking for opponent

WBA junior middleweight champ Daniel Santos (32-3-1 23KOs) was scheduled to make the first defense of his title against Nobuhiro Ishida on January 3 in Japan, but the fight was called off and the reason as to why Ishida is unable to move forward is unknown. Santos, obviously frustrated, has been unable to secure an opponent since he won the title by knocking out previously undefeated Joachim Alcine in July.

"We will continue to train because at any moment they can tell us about some fight and we want to maintain his conditioning. We are training some days in the gum and running on other days," Francisco Santos said. "We are already used to this. Nothing surprises us. We hope a good fight can be obtained and Daniel can defend the title."

Paul Williams should be on Santos' short list if Santos is willing to train for an extra month or so while PW's gash heals. Either way, it appears another opportunity at 154 for Paul Williams is opening.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Paul Williams: Highlight Video

Not great quality but it's a cool video.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Manny Pacquaio?? I don't think so.

As I'm sure you know, Manny Pacquaio has lit the boxing world on fire by laying a beat down on Oscar De La Hoya last Saturday. There has been a ton of talk about who Pac-man will fight next and just about every name under the sun has been mentioned; including Paul Williams.

I'll go on record and say that this fight will never happen, for a number of reasons.

1. PW is too tall and long. While DLH (5'10) dwarfed Pac (5'6), Williams (6'1, probably taller) is a good three inches taller than The 'Golden Boy' to go along with a 9 inch reach advtantage in favor of Williams (82-73).

2. The money isn't there. Unfortunately, it's hard to make big money fights when nobody will fight you. Williams hasn't gotten the chance to become a household name quite yet. A fight with Ricky Hatton or Floyd Mayweather Jr. would be much more lucrative for Pac.

3. Pacquaio wants to move down to 140. Williams, who fought most of his career appears to have moved up to 154, for the time being anyway. Pac has made it known that he wants to move back to 140, a weight that PW obviously can't fight at. In my mind, the only way Manny would fight at a higher weight is for the huge payday (Mayweather). Williams wouldn't bring him that.

While a Williams/Pacquaio fight would be a dream fight for all Paul Williams' fans. It's just not going to happen.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Nothing was stirring, not even a mouse....

All is quiet on the Paul Williams front, at least publicly. Since Sergeii Dzindiruk restated his interest in fighting PW "anytime, anywhere" we havn't heard a peep from either camp. I'm sure behind the scenes there are talks going on, but PW needs at least another couple months to heal from the headbutt he recieved in the Verno Phillips fight on November 29th so there's no rush. As soon as I hear or see anything, I'll post it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vivek Wallace's Left Hook Lounge

Paul Williams seems to find his way into the 'Left-Hook Lounge' every week. Here it is from this week, great stuff as usual.

Vivek Wallace's 'Left-Hook Lounge'

Marcus A. (Houston, Tx): What American boxing figure do you think is in position to become the next big PPV icon on the Oscar De La Hoya/Mike Tyson level?

".....Some say that the antics are over the top and don't help a fighters hype much but if that were true, I'd like to know how is it that a fighter like Paul Williams isn't given more recognition? If there was a guy that we should be building up he's the one. He comes to fight every night, he'll fight anyone, and he's not one of those tactical fighters that waits to pounce, he actually takes the fight to the opponent, so I'd think he would be the guy that most would support but it hasn't happened."

Monday, December 8, 2008

Potential Fights For Paul Williams

Finding an opponent for Paul Williams is no easy task and it may get harder before it gets easier. While Williams is a top notch fighter, he is not yet a cash cow like DLH or Mayweather. Because of this, a unique issue has stymied PW. The inability to find anyone to fight. Here are the 'realisitic' potential fights out there as far as I can tell (in no specific order).

Sergei Dzindziruk - As of right now, this is the early favorite for PW's next opponent. Dzindziruk (36-0), the current WBO champ, is an good fighter who's looking to make a name for himself in America. His most recent win was against a young power puncher in Joel Julio (34-2). I think this would be a good fight for PW, giving him the ability to unify titles against a top ranked light-middleweight. Dzindiruk has already made statements saying he wants to fight Williams, and is willing to do so in the US. Actions speak louder than words however, so we'll see if anything materializes.

Vernon Forrest - Vernon Forrest (41-3) is widely considered the top light-middleweight in the world. He is the current WBC champ, avenging his loss to Sergio Mora, reclaiming his title. Forrest is a big name, with wins over Shane Mosley, Carlos Baldomir, and Ike Quartey. The problem is, the 37 year old Forrest is no longer in his prime and I doubt he wants to take a giant risk at this point in his career. Steering clear of Williams would be the smart career move and I think a veteran like Forrest knows it.

Arthur Abraham - The IBF middleweightr champ is looking for someone to fight before his potential mega fight in the summer of '09 against Kelly Pavlik. Abraham (28-0) has called out fellow countryman (Germany) and titleholder Felix Sturm but Sturm has made no attempt to get that fight done so Abraham is still looking. Another potential opponent for Abraham was Winky Wright but Wink hurt his hand causing him to cancel his Decemeber fight and I doubt Winky's first fight back in over a year will be against a top champion like 'King' Arthur. To me, that leaves one potential big fight for Abraham in February. Paul Williams. No word yet on that front.

Winky Wright - Winky (51-4) when asked to comment on if he'd face the winner of the Williams/Phillips fight, Winky said "absolutely". It's not secret that Winky wants to get back to fighting to big fights after a tuneup fight. Having cancelled his tuneup due to injury, it's hard to say when Winky will be ready to fight top notch talent. Assuming Winky fights his tuneup in January, Wink may not feel he has enough time to take a fight against Williams in late February or early March. If he is, PW vs. Winky would be a very exciting matchup.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Interview with George Peterson

Interview With George Peterson
Trainer Of Paul Williams
by James Slater

James Slater: Firstly, Mr. Peterson, do you feel Paul made a statement with the stoppage win over Verno Phillips, what with Phillips only ever having been stopped once before?
George Peterson: Absolutely. We knew it would be a tough fight going in, but Paul established his game-plan and stuck to it. I'm not going to take anything away from Phillips, he was game and I think he'll be champion again.
J.S: Was the game-plan to stop Phillips, or to out-point him?
G.P: The thing is, Phillips is a good boxer, we knew we couldn't let him box out there. The plan was to attack him and put pressure on him. It took Paul a while, but in the end he broke him down. He went to his body and over-powered him. He shut him down.
J.S: Does Paul plan to have more fights at 154?
G.P: Well, the story behind that is, we were forced up to 154 - to 160. Paul's target weight is 147, but we can't get anyone to fight him there. We have been forced to move up. It's even possible Paul may fight as high as 168. The thing is, he's a young man and he has to stay busy.
J.S: Is it frustrating, fighters avoiding you?
G.P: It's awfully frustrating. Every young fighter's goal is to become world champion and then to be the very best, but how can Paul achieve that when the best won't fight him. You tell me - what can he do? You know, guys like Leonard, Hagler, Hearns and Duran, Paul wants to have his name amongst those, but how can he get there if the best fighters won't step up and face him
J.S: It is very frustrating, for the fans also. Let me ask you point blank - is Antonio Margarito afraid of Paul Williams in your opinion?
G.P: Yes. You see, we tried for over two years to get the fight with him in the first place. We had to go to a law suit in the first place (laughs). Now, what do you think would happen in a second fight? Paul would beat him again. The man [Margarito] already had four losses [going into the July 2007 fight with Paul], and he has five losses now. One more and he will be out of the elite class. So we're moving on now, a second fight with Margarito is a dead issue. It's not going to happen.
J.S: But Paul can still make 147 easily enough?
G.P: Sure he can make 147. He made it only five months ago. He made 145. We wanted to fight the top guys at 147, but they have just ignored us. We offered Margarito $4 million for a rematch, but he's fighting Sugar Shane instead, and he's only getting around half the amount for that fight. So how can Margarito be seen as the best welterweight, when Paul already has a win over him and wants a second fight?
J.S: Moving on from Margarito. When you and Paul sit and talk, who else does he say he wants to fight? Is it Kelly Pavlik?
G.P: Pavlik he definitely wants. But Kelly Pavlik has the same management as Margarito has. Paul would love to face Pavlik, Miguel Cotto - all the elite guys out there. In fact, fighting Cotto would actually be a move backwards. The thing is, Paul is only just entering his prime now. He still has talent that hasn't been seen or brought out yet. If these guys want to have a chance of beating him, they would be better off catching him now. In a year, a year-and-a-half, he's going to be even more devastating. They'd be better off fighting him now, they'll only be worse off, the longer they wait.
J.S: Paul's had a very good 2008, what with coming back to destroy Carlos Quintana after losing on points and winning another world title against Phillips. How soon in 2009 will we see him fight again?
G.P: We're looking at late February, early March. He suffered a cut in the Phillips fight, and we want to let that heal. But hopefully early March at the latest.
J.S: Is there any idea at all who he will face?
G.P: It's a matter of who is willing to step up to the plate. We've stopped calling people out - that's not worked. But Paul only wants to fight the best out there.
J.S: It's been a pleasure speaking with you, sir. You must be very proud of Paul - you've been with him from the very beginning, haven't you?
G.P: From the very beginning, yes. Yes, I'm extremely proud of Paul.

Great stuff as always from EastSide.

Sergiy Dzinziruk Camp Refutes Earlier Report

"Universum Box-Promotion Statement: It is alleged in an Internet report that Universum Box-Promotion would reject a battle between WBO super welterweight world champion Sergiy Dzinziruk against the interim champion Paul Williams. This allegation is absolutely false, absurd and has no basis. Representatives of both sides, Universum Box-Promotion and Goossen Tutor Promotions, have had contact with each other and there will be negotiations, but as usual behind the scenes. Until today we have not spoken "about even one cent," but we will put out offers and evaluate. WBO champion Sergiy Dzinziruk sticks to his statements made on "I want the fight against Paul Williams as quickly as possible and I totally do not care where. I will quite simply knock out Williams!"

I'll believe it when I see it. It's all talk until then.

Dan Goossen Interview


QUESTION: Can you give us some thoughts on Paul Williams and Chris Arreola’s recent victories?
GOOSSEN: Electric crowd. Exciting. Fireworks. Bloody. The way boxing is supposed to be fought. Heart, guts and style from all the main fighters and their challengers. Verno (Phillips) showed the heart of a champion. (Travis) Walker demonstrated that he belonged in the top of the heavyweight picture. And Paul and Chris are undeniably the biggest and best up-and-coming stars in the sport.
QUESTION: Where does Paul Williams go from here?
GOOSSEN: There is absolutely no stopping him. He looked the best he ever has. We will continue to be aggressive as to getting him the biggest fights out there, and putting out offers that represent other fighters biggest paydays when it is deserved. Of course, Antonio Margarito and Shane Mosley come to mind right off the top. Margarito left $2 million on the table to take a much less challenging fight. That’s all we need to know about Paul Williams and the fear that other fighters have for him. And Margarito said it best by turning his back on $4 million not to get into the ring with Paul.
QUESTION: Will he ever fight at 147 again?
GOOSSEN: When the opportunity arises. Otherwise he will continue to fight the best fights out there within the 147-pound and 160-pound divisions. Marvin Hagler was a feared fighter for many years and eventually there was no hiding from him. The same will happen with Paul. In the meantime, he will do what the great Henry Armstrong accomplished so many, many years ago – win belts in all different weight divisions simultaneously.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Photo Gallery/Quotes from Williams-Phillips Fight

Pictures can be found at:

“I came to fight, I have been doing this since 1988 I think two more fights and I am done,” stated Phillips. “It’s been over 20 years since anyone stopped me at the stool.” -Verno Phillips

“He is a tough guy, but I had to be in control,” said the former welterweight king. “I hope you enjoyed my performance, I am willing to fight anyone.” -Paul Williams

“We wanted to fight Margarito, we offered four million dollars and Bob Arum turned it down.” -Dan Goossen

Sergiy Dzinziruk Wants Paul Williams

Unbeaten WBO light middleweight champ Sergiy Dzinziruk wants to fight interim titlist Paul Williams as soon as possible. And he wants it to happen in the United States.
"Sergiy is one of the best boxers of our stable," said German promoter Klaus-Peter Kohl of Universum-Box Promotions. "And we would be very happy to show his skills in the United States as well."
"I'm ready," said Dzinziruk in a previous statement on Fightnews. "Just let me know where and when. I think it would be an excellent fight. I want this fight in the USA."
After Williams punished three-time champ Verno Phillips on Saturday night to capture the WBO interim belt, the Ukrainian powerhouse is eager to defend 'the real' WBO crown against the American star who is proclaimed as "boxing's most avoided fighter." Dzinziruk, who predicted a Williams win, wants to showcase his boxing ability in the USA to establish himself at the top of the boxing world.
Both Dzinziruk and Williams have similar records, both are good fighters. It would certainly be a interesting light middleweight clash.
Dzinziruk would be willing to delay a unification with Puerto Rican Daniel Santos, a fighter he already beat convincingly, to get a immediate showdown with Williams. The Ukrainian champion wants to prove himself in America and wants to show that Europeans are excellent fighters as well.
Williams, who stated that he could move up or down in weight to face the likes of Antonio Margarito or Floyd Mayweather, now has the opportunity to get rid of the interim title and win the real belt at 154 pounds if he decides to stay at this weight. His promoter Dan Goossen only needs to pick up the phone as WBO champion Sergiy Dzinziruk is waiting for the "Punisher."
This would be an excellent fight for Williams to take. Dzinziruk is an undefeated titleholder who would pose a stiff challenge for PW. I'll be waiting anxiously to see if anything materializes.