Monday, December 8, 2008

Potential Fights For Paul Williams

Finding an opponent for Paul Williams is no easy task and it may get harder before it gets easier. While Williams is a top notch fighter, he is not yet a cash cow like DLH or Mayweather. Because of this, a unique issue has stymied PW. The inability to find anyone to fight. Here are the 'realisitic' potential fights out there as far as I can tell (in no specific order).

Sergei Dzindziruk - As of right now, this is the early favorite for PW's next opponent. Dzindziruk (36-0), the current WBO champ, is an good fighter who's looking to make a name for himself in America. His most recent win was against a young power puncher in Joel Julio (34-2). I think this would be a good fight for PW, giving him the ability to unify titles against a top ranked light-middleweight. Dzindiruk has already made statements saying he wants to fight Williams, and is willing to do so in the US. Actions speak louder than words however, so we'll see if anything materializes.

Vernon Forrest - Vernon Forrest (41-3) is widely considered the top light-middleweight in the world. He is the current WBC champ, avenging his loss to Sergio Mora, reclaiming his title. Forrest is a big name, with wins over Shane Mosley, Carlos Baldomir, and Ike Quartey. The problem is, the 37 year old Forrest is no longer in his prime and I doubt he wants to take a giant risk at this point in his career. Steering clear of Williams would be the smart career move and I think a veteran like Forrest knows it.

Arthur Abraham - The IBF middleweightr champ is looking for someone to fight before his potential mega fight in the summer of '09 against Kelly Pavlik. Abraham (28-0) has called out fellow countryman (Germany) and titleholder Felix Sturm but Sturm has made no attempt to get that fight done so Abraham is still looking. Another potential opponent for Abraham was Winky Wright but Wink hurt his hand causing him to cancel his Decemeber fight and I doubt Winky's first fight back in over a year will be against a top champion like 'King' Arthur. To me, that leaves one potential big fight for Abraham in February. Paul Williams. No word yet on that front.

Winky Wright - Winky (51-4) when asked to comment on if he'd face the winner of the Williams/Phillips fight, Winky said "absolutely". It's not secret that Winky wants to get back to fighting to big fights after a tuneup fight. Having cancelled his tuneup due to injury, it's hard to say when Winky will be ready to fight top notch talent. Assuming Winky fights his tuneup in January, Wink may not feel he has enough time to take a fight against Williams in late February or early March. If he is, PW vs. Winky would be a very exciting matchup.

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