Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vivek Wallace's Left Hook Lounge

Paul Williams seems to find his way into the 'Left-Hook Lounge' every week. Here it is from this week, great stuff as usual.

Vivek Wallace's 'Left-Hook Lounge'

Marcus A. (Houston, Tx): What American boxing figure do you think is in position to become the next big PPV icon on the Oscar De La Hoya/Mike Tyson level?

".....Some say that the antics are over the top and don't help a fighters hype much but if that were true, I'd like to know how is it that a fighter like Paul Williams isn't given more recognition? If there was a guy that we should be building up he's the one. He comes to fight every night, he'll fight anyone, and he's not one of those tactical fighters that waits to pounce, he actually takes the fight to the opponent, so I'd think he would be the guy that most would support but it hasn't happened."

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