Friday, December 5, 2008

Dan Goossen Interview


QUESTION: Can you give us some thoughts on Paul Williams and Chris Arreola’s recent victories?
GOOSSEN: Electric crowd. Exciting. Fireworks. Bloody. The way boxing is supposed to be fought. Heart, guts and style from all the main fighters and their challengers. Verno (Phillips) showed the heart of a champion. (Travis) Walker demonstrated that he belonged in the top of the heavyweight picture. And Paul and Chris are undeniably the biggest and best up-and-coming stars in the sport.
QUESTION: Where does Paul Williams go from here?
GOOSSEN: There is absolutely no stopping him. He looked the best he ever has. We will continue to be aggressive as to getting him the biggest fights out there, and putting out offers that represent other fighters biggest paydays when it is deserved. Of course, Antonio Margarito and Shane Mosley come to mind right off the top. Margarito left $2 million on the table to take a much less challenging fight. That’s all we need to know about Paul Williams and the fear that other fighters have for him. And Margarito said it best by turning his back on $4 million not to get into the ring with Paul.
QUESTION: Will he ever fight at 147 again?
GOOSSEN: When the opportunity arises. Otherwise he will continue to fight the best fights out there within the 147-pound and 160-pound divisions. Marvin Hagler was a feared fighter for many years and eventually there was no hiding from him. The same will happen with Paul. In the meantime, he will do what the great Henry Armstrong accomplished so many, many years ago – win belts in all different weight divisions simultaneously.

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