Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Margarito On Possible Williams Rematch

Margarito was asked about a rematch with Paul Williams, who is now an interim-champion at junior middleweight. The Mexican champion is not thinking about Williams, he only has "Sugar" Shane on his mind. Margarito has no fear of a rematch, he just wants to get Mosley out of the way. Whether or not Margarito beats Mosley, Top Rank has already scheduled him to face Miguel Cotto in a June rematch.
"I'm not thinking about Paul Williams right now. I'm 100% thinking about Shane. I'm not scared [of him], I'm just thinking about my next fight," Margarito said.

Until Margarito actually accepts the rematch that Paul Williams has been asking for, Margarito is all talk.


  1. He's become the fighter that he ridiculed for his entire career.