Monday, November 24, 2008

5 days......and then what?

There's just over 5 days before we get to witness "The Punisher's" next conquest. This time, at 154, where he looks for another title in another division. I think the biggest question that most people are wondering is that if he beats Phillips, where to next? The biggest fights to be made are currently at 147 or 160 so Paul has a couple directions he could go. He could go back to 147 or move up to 160 for a mega fight, or he could stay at 154 and try and collect titles. All three options have their pros and cons.

Staying at 154 - If PW decides to stay at 154 he has a chance to do something really special by unifying belts by fighting the current champs (Sergeii Dzinziruk, Vernon Forrest or Daniel Santos). While none of the other title holders at 154 are capable of bringing in big money, the true boxing fans in the world would recognize these fights as top notch and if PW can unify a belt or two, he'd definitely be setting himself up for super stardom.

Moving down to 147 - Welterweight is where the money is at. It's as simple as that. A fight between PW and Margarito, Cotto, Clottey or any of the top Welters would be a must see and would bring in career high paydays without question. While these fights would no doubt be very lucrative, is it worth the time and effort to try and get those guys in the ring? It may be time for PW to leave the division where everyone refuses to fight him.

Moving up to 160 - High risk, high reward. PW's best attributes in my opinion is the fact that at the lower weights (147-154) he's physical attributes are freaky and impossible to deal with. When you start moving up to the heavier divisions, 6'2 just isn't as tall as it used to be and the amount of punishment each punch delivers is elevated as well. While the middleweight division isn't as deep as Welter, there are also huge paydays to be had against guys like Kelly Pavlik and Arthur Abraham.

While PW's future weight class is up in the air, one thing is definitely certain, the future looks bright.

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