Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vivek Wallace Weighs In on Kirkland/Williams

Barry Stevens (Miami Lakes, FL): James Kirkland proved a lot in his fight against Julio. How do you think he would fare against someone like Paul Williams at 154?

Vivek W. (Examiner): I thought Kirkland performed in a way that instantly gave him a certain level of credibility against ANY opponent on the 154lb level, despite the fact that it's still very early in his career. Coming into the fight it was his chin that most questioned, yet when it was all said and done, there was no room left to second guess him whatsoever. He took the biggest bombs from one of the divisions biggest punchers and basically laid the blueprint to defeat any heavy fisted foe; which is keep them off balance and going backwards. I think his determination and his power, coupled with his endurance and grit makes him a tough fight for Williams. Paul Williams has looked great at '54, but I have yet to see him against a heavy fisted fighter who has more in his arsenal than looping shots (i.e. Margarito). Hopefully this is a fight that can be made early in 2010 to officially answer this question.

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