Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winky Wright Looking To Dominate

By Mark Vester -

Following the lead of Shane Mosley and Bernard Hopkins, another veteran of the game, Winky Wright, wants to dominate his younger opponent. Hopkins dominated Kelly Pavlik last October. Mosley dominated Antonio Margarito in January, and Wright wants to put on a dominating, career-defining performance against Paul Williams on April 11 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

“I think I'm going to need it. He's a young hungry fighter who thinks the world is scared of him, but I'm going to show him that I'm the man and I have to put a stamp on that on April 11. I'm going to give him some things to think about in the ring and we're going to have to adjust and just dominate the fight. I'm going to win, definitely,” Wright tells’s Luis Sandoval.

Williams has jumped around in three divisions, 147, 154 and 160 - knocking out most of his opponents. Wright tells BoxingScene that he hopes Williams comes to the ring with the mindset of trading punches because there could be an opportunity to win with a knockout.

“I see that he likes to trade and I could stop him. Like I said, I see that he likes to trade and if he comes to trade - he could get stopped,” Wright said.

For years, Wright has been accused of being very difficult when it came to negotiating a fight and the financial numbers. Wright denies those claims.

“I never turned down any fight. People use money to get out of fighting me. They know that if they offer me well below my worth then I'm not going to take the fight. That's all they doing. They price themselves out of the fight. Even when I offer them a good price, then they want this or they want that. They price themselves out of the fight without saying they don't want to fight. They do it that way,” Wright said.

“After I win this fight, I want to fight the best. If Pavlik or whoever. I want the best fighter. I want the fans to say 'I want to see Winky Wright fight this guy' and that's who I want to fight."

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  1. This old man is going to get punished, enough said.