Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can Winky Overcome "The Punisher"?

If the fight will be made, two southpaws will clash in a bout I expect to be very entertaining. Winky Wright will challenge Paul Williams.

Let's talk about Paul "The Punisher" Williams first. He is a menacing 6'1" with an 82" reach advantage. He is freakishly huge for his division and causes a lot of mismatches. His punch-output-per-round is phenomenal as well.

In his match against Antonio Margarito, Paul Williams was very busy, winning the first half of the fight, however, he allowed the Tijuana Tornado to get inside in the later rounds with punishing body shots and got cut in the 11th round. But Williams already built a comfortable lead and ended with a unanimous decision victory.

In that fight, it showed that Williams can easily be hit on the inside as he was almost knocked down in the 11th round. Then against Carlos Quintana, he was outboxed for most of the fight and lost by decision.

It was a good thing that in the rematch, he was able to hurt Quintana and successfully regained the title by way of TKO. Williams was able to redeem himself in that match. After destroying Vernon Philipps, Paul Williams is now considered a beast in his division. One of the most avoided fighters in welterweight. And now comes Winky Wright. He was once considered as the most avoided boxer in his time. And that was the past. He has been inactive for more than a year now.

Winky Wright is not an exciting fighter to watch. He is not considered a puncher but rather a slick boxer and counter puncher. He has been avoided because of that effective style of making his opponents make mistakes and make them pay for that.

He earned wins against Shane Mosley twice and he put on a boxing clinic when he fought Felix Trinidad. Those were impressive wins. And because of that, he was ducked.

Winky Wright is now 37 years old. Same as "Sugar" Shane Mosley. And age is always a variable in making predictions in a boxing match. Add to that the fact that he has been inactive.

I truly admire Winky Wright for taking on this challenge without having a tune-up fight. Winky must've seen something in Paul Williams that made him think that he can win over "The Punisher".

Can Winky Wright pull off an upset? He is clearly the underdog in this fight. Can he follow what Bernard Hopkins and Shane Mosley displayed in their recent fight?

In his last fight against "The Executioner", Winky Wright was thoroughly outboxed by Hopkins. But that was Hopkins. Williams is no master boxer like Bernard. I am hoping that Winky has a good game plan against his formidable opponent.

I am expecting Paul Williams to take this one, but, if Winky Wright pulls it off, I won't be surprised. With the recent demolition of Antonio Margarito in the hands of Shane Mosley, it only shows that anything is possible.

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