Thursday, January 8, 2009

Williams-Wright Makes Sense

At this point in his career, Paul Williams taking on a first ballot hall of famer like "Winky Wright" makes perfect sense. While Williams does have the impressive Margarito notch on his belt, he has never faced someone with the experience or skills that "Winky" possesses. On the other hand, in terms of physical strength and punch volume, Wright has never had an opponent like Williams in front of him. A victory for Williams would be huge in terms what it would do in terms of exposure and bigger paydays. For Wright, it's a win that puts him immediately in the thick of things after a year and a half layoff. This is just a classic crossroads fight.

This has a similar feel to Hopkins-Pavlik and I'm sure the buildup will reflect that as fight time draws closer (assuming it gets made). In order for Williams to win he would have to overtax Wright's watertight defense with combinations round after round. Williams's best shot is to keep Winky in his defensive shell and keep him from countering effectively. Wright on the other hand would need the world renowned defense to be sharp, and look for opportunities down the middle. While a loss for Williams is a setback, it's not a career ender either. He's in his late 20's and has plenty of time to rebound. Besides, losing to Wright is hardly shameful. Winky unfortunately has a little more of a downside. A loss coupled with his inactivity would leave him few options to take, and even fewer big money options. Overall, I'd say it's a fight worth making, so let's get it done!

I Agree. This fight makes sense from both sides. PW stands to gain a lot by beating a first ballot HOF'er. It will not only bring PW a lot of notoriety but it's a high quality win and would lead to big money fights in the future. If Winky can beat a young lion looking to dominate multiple divisions it puts him right back into title contention after his long layoff.

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