Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kirkland Calls Out PW

Interview with James Kirkland
By James Slater -

J.S: You're knocking on the door for a title shot. Who would you like it to be against? You're in a good weight class at 154.

J.K: To be honest with you, man - it sounds weird but I spend so much time training, I don't have any time to look at who has the belts and all that. I just focus myself on wining each and every fight I take. So, I don't know - whoever has a world title when I get there. I'll take over the 154 weight class. Oh, hang on. Paul Williams! Does he have a world title at 154?

Yes, the WBO (interim).

J.K: Put that in there then, I'll fight Paul Williams! Put that out, I want him! I don't avoid anyone.

Undefeated power-punching James Kirkland is scheduled to fight hard-hitting Joel Julio on March 7th. Julio, by far, will be Kirkland's toughest test to date. If Kirkland is able to beat "The Love Child", a PW/Kirkland fight could be in the cards. It would certainly be an entertaining one.

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