Sunday, January 25, 2009

Williams In Mosley's Future?

With Mosley's stunning beatdown of Antonio Margarito there is a ton of talk about "who's next"? Obviously, Paul Williams on the top of many people wish lists. Here's some chatter from around the boxing world.

Last night's win puts Mosley in the drivers seat of the welterweight division, the deepest and most talented division in boxing today. Undefeated Andre Berto, my own personal mancrush, is still about a year away from a title fight with a guy like Mosley after gutting out an impressive win over Luis Collazo last week. Meanwhile fighters like Manny Pacquiao, Paul Williams, and the "retired" Floyd Mayweather are always lurking on the periphery of the division.

With the win, Mosley - who has never ducked a challenge - is positioned for another big payday and there is no bigger challenge in the welterweight division than 6' 1" Paul Williams . . .

There’s been some talk of Manny Pacquaio wanting to fight at Welterweight and that could add some pepper to the soup. Tall Paul Williams is another guy who floats from division to division and is a dangerous proposition for anyone from 146-160 pounds. And it’s only January! 2009 could be a year of great match ups. Time will tell.

Until Mosley beats Cotto, Williams, or Clottey, they should all be ranked ahead of him (Mosley), and as long as there is talk that Floyd Mayweather will come back, he is still the de facto king of the welterweights.

Arum scoffs at the drawing power of Williams, who is 6-3 but still able to make 147 pounds, but Schaefer might have a better shot at matching him with Mosley.

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