Monday, January 5, 2009

Vivek Wallace's Thoughts On Williams/Wright

Vivek Wallace

Philip Martin (Sunny Isles, FL): What are your thoughts on the potential Paul Williams/'Winky' Wright fight being discussed?

Vivek W. (ESB): I think it should be a very interesting fight but there's one major question that I think we all got upon hearing that this match could be made. That question is which 'Winky' Wright will we get? Sounds funny to put it that way because when 'Winky' was active, i fell in that silent minority that felt he was actually a pound-for-pound candidate, but in this case where he's coming off of such a long layoff, how in the world can anyone expect to see the norm? And particularly against a youthful, energetic fighter like Williams whose punch output is just wicked! If we can see the same 'Winky' that showed up against 'Tito' - (yeah, i know, that's a tall order) - then I think this will shape up to be a fight out of this world; but if stamina is even a remote issue, or if age shows up, there won't be a KO in the cards for Williams, but it'll be an easy points win with his punch rate. One other thing I like about this fight is the fact that it pins too guys that I've wanted to see face Pavlik at one point or another, so perhaps if the Abraham/Pavlik fight doesn't fall into place for later this year, who knows? A strong outing may very well put either one of these men in position to make a surge at that 'Ghost'. No predictions from me yet, but I'm definitely interested in the fight.

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