Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Prospects Of "Real" Champions

By Tim Starks -
(154 lbs.)

#1: Vernon Forrest

#2: Paul

#3: Verno Phillips

Bad. First, answer this -- do you want to see Forrest-Williams? I do. I think it'd be a great bout, and maybe it could even attract a crowd in Augusta, Ga., where both men are based. Second, I haven't heard a whisper about it. Forrest is off doing God-knows-what, and Williams is so desperate to find anyone who'll fight him that his next opponent is Winky Wright at middleweight. Third, Williams is havoc on divisional rankings, since he fought at middleweight, junior middleweight and welterweight last year. Fourth, I don't think Forrest-Phillips should even get a mention for filling the vacancy.


I have to agree with this piece. A unified and recognized 'Undisputed' Champ is very unlikely in the Light-Middle division, at least not one that involves Paul Williams. Not only does PW appear to be interested in fighting in more than one division but the talent pool at 154 is shallower than at both 160 and 147. Also, the 'top' guy at 154, Vernon Forrest, appears to have no interest in getting in the ring with the Punisher.

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