Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vivek Wallace on a potential Williams/Forrest Matchup

Vivek Wallace - EastSideBoxing.com

Cedrick Watson (Miami Gardens, FL):
How would you see a Paul Williams/Vernon Forrest showdown at 154lbs?

Vivek W. (ESB): I respect the talents of both men strongly. With Williams, you’re getting a full fight; 3 minutes of every round for 12 rounds. With Forrest, you’re getting a guy that has more left in the tank than most give him credit for, as witnessed in his last bout. Forrest would probably be the most powerful fighter that Williams has ever faced. He doesn’t have Margarito’s work rate, but he has more power. The flipside to that argument is the fact that Williams would be the most ‘live’ opponent that Forrest has ever faced. All things remaining equal, Williams’ work rate and Forrests’ age could be the two major points of contention in a fight like this. Williams is in his prime, and will undoubtedly work hard through the whole fight. If Forrest takes his foot off the gas for a moment to catch his breath, that rest period could landslide to an avalanche points victory for Williams. Both men would have a shot, but I think youth probably prevails that night. At any rate, Williams’ mind had better be on ‘Winky’ Wright, because I’ll tell you what, that guy - inactive or not - comes to play, he’s hard to hit, and has a jab as precise as the Stealth Bomber. As a fantasy question, I guess it’s ok for us to ponder a Williams/Forrest showdown, but for his own sake, Williams’ mind had better be on the task at hand!

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